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Schmietex Engineering: Forschung und Entwicklung


Always one step ahead.


We do not wait what the future may bring. We shape our own one.

While doing so, our customers´ ideas and requirements for technique and product lead us the way. Combined with the excellent experience and know-how of our specialists innovative and pioneering systems are generated. 


Current projects

Development of a novel system for manipulators and lifting systems by applying high-strength fiber ropes and the associated new drive concepts


High-strength fibers with their mechanical properties can compare with steel. Moreover they are much lighter and have a significant higher bending strength than comparable steel. As a result completely new constructions, concepts and principals for the area of manipulators and lifting systems arise. Thus peripheral machine elements such as rope drums or drives can be designed essentially more compact and the entire system runs more efficiently.

Schmietex has set itself the goal of developping manipulators and lifting systems with these kinds of lifting devices to position them succesfully on the international market.


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