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Schmietex Engineering designs and develops special purpose machines according to individual requirements.

Current projects

Drop tower test rig FPS-300

The drop test stand FPS-300 is a test instrument for short-circuit testing of electrical cables according to VW standard 60260-1 for adhesive tapes and VW standard 30360-3 for hoses with automatic measurement of the thickness and width of the cable before and after the drop test. The test stand automatically ensures that all mechanical test conditions of the standard are met. Deviations are indicated to the operator via the display.

The drop energy is set according to the protection class to be tested and automatically adapts to the cable dimension.

Six tests are carried out in accordance with the standard, with two additional substitute measurements in the event of a fault. In expert mode, it is possible to vary all parameters such as trap energy as well as single and multiple impacts on the same test point and the corresponding documentation.

All data and camera images can be output as a protocol or in customer-independent formats.

Technical data

  • Drop energy continuously adjustable from 5 to 300 joules
  • Acceleration distance 1000 mm
  • Measurable cable diameter from 5 to 25 mm thickness
  • Test body weight of 10 kg with exchangeable impact body
  • Total weight 390 kg
  • Electrical power requirement 2.8 KW at 230 V /50 Hz or 110 V /60Hz
  • Compressed air connection 6 bar
  • LAN network connection
  • PLC control and touch screen for operation
  • Digital camera at the test point for documentation
  • Data output in XML data standard and as PDF report
  • Sensor-based safety device with protective housing
  • CE conformity

Yarn-on-yarn abrasion tester

  • traversing speed according to ASTM D 6611 and CI 1503-09
  • 6 measurement loops
  • partly automated twisting of yarns
  • stainless and easy to replace / clean test sheaves
  • optional: network access / XML-data access
  • optional: additional lightening
  • customer-specific adaptions