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Schmietex GmbH: Textile Zugmittel


Coatings for fibers in technical applications

Our high-performance coatings significantly improve the service life and performance of your textile products.


Proven durability

The yarn-on-yarn abrasion test reveals:

Technora® fibers treated with Elaskon-Texlub have a much longer durability (yarn-on-yarn abrasion test, Flory-test)

Proven higher flexibility

The cyclic bend-over-sheave (CBOS) test reveals:

Ropes treated with Elaskon-Texlub have a higher bending fatigue strength.

Low weight – better results

Yarns coated with Elaskon-texlub weigh less than those treated with a standard fiber size.


Longer rope life due to:

High abrasion resistance


returning the coating to the active area when hot


improved resistance to kinking due to external supporting effect


high resistance to water, sealing effect


prevents the rope from „running dry“


reduced sheath displacements with kernmantle ropes