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Test equipment

We develop and construct according to your request dynamic test equipment for fiber ropes.

Our products:

  • CBOS test machine for cyclic single bending
  • tensile testing machine SX100T50
  • yarn-on-yarn test station according to ASTM D 6611

CBOS test machine for cyclic single bending


  • Load range per rope strand between 500 kg and 2500 kg
  • Testing of fiber ropes with diameters of 5 - 10 mm and tapes possible
  • contactless measurement of rope temperature in the bending zone
  • Operation via touch screen
  • Export of measured values to MS Excel possible

Equipment variants

  • wet test
  • climate control

Tensile testing machine SX100T50


  • 50 t breaking load
  • hub: 5 m
  • traverse with exchangeable fixpoints
  • load frame 0,1mm deflection
  • integrated safety fence and other safety equipment
  • control software
  • PC with evaluation software

Equipment variants

  • wrap clamps
  • optical tension measurement system
  • display size
  • calibration

ASTM Standard-Model

  • traversing speed and fixed sheave arrangement according to ASTM D 6611
  • 6 measurement loops
  • manual turning of yarns
  • sheet steel construction in RAL colors
  • bags that can be filled with granulate as test mass
  • test range: 30g until 2000g
  • electric data: 110V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz, 700 watt
  • customer-specific adaptions